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Turkey Solution

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Cavagna Pressofusioni provides turnkey solutions from study to design, to production and to the delivery of zinc, technopolymer or hybrid components. Just like conducting an orchestra, each member of the team is constantly trained and nurtured, and each machine maintained and programmed carefully to work together in the best harmony.

Furthermore, having the right work ethics, maintaining tidiness and well-organized work areas, providing quality service and delivering products with respect to our clients’ requirements give meaning to our existence.

Design Stage

Keeping up with the latest trends, we use relevant technology and methodology to help companies optimize the design of their components. We do feasibility analysis and try to identify potential problems in terms of functionality, compatibility and durability.

Mould and Die-making Stage

By using CAD and CAM calculations, 2D and 3D drawings, high-speed NC machinery as well as our engineering expertise, we ensure mould or die accuracy before production.


Pressure Die Casting Stage

In our facility, we have 16 modern Hot-Chamber pressure die casting with a closing force between 100 to 320 tons, a vacuum system and 6 fully automated robotic systems. The production process is always monitored, controlled and analyzed by a real-time program that can be consulted online by clients.

We use the classic Zn AI4 UNI EN 1744 alloy.

Quality Control Stage

At QC stage, components undergo dimension, gauge and 3D measurements and other rigorous tests using instruments such as radioscopic system, profilometer, air-leak testers.

Surface Finishing Stage

We provide continuous sandblasting, blanket sandblasting and tumbling finishing services.

Machining Stage

We have the capability to create complex geometry by using CNC technology. Works such as drilling, threading, turning, milling and other mechanical trimming needs are carried out with utmost care and precision.

Galvanising Stage

Either for esthetical or for durability purposes, components can be plated (chromium or nickel), painted, cold galvanized or even powder coated.


We understand that delivery deadlines are very important to our customers so we put extra attention to keep good delivery schedules, wherever the destinations are.