Mould design and manufacture

We work closely together with our customers to achieve the best product and to adapt it to the die-casting process. To achieve this goal, we use 3D CAD software integrated with a simulation system to design the product and its mould.

Cavagna design and develop moulds according to customers’ requirements.

Rapid prototyping is a set of industrial techniques aimed at physically producing a prototype in a relatively short time, starting from a three-dimensional mathematical definition of the object.

At Cavagna we create prototypes to give customers the opportunity to test products even before the final shape and characteristics of the component are defined.

Die-casting simulation helps designers to predict material reactions within the mould cavities.

In addition to mould design and manufacture, Cavagna design and develop equipment necessary for optimising the entire production cycle, such as processing platforms, clamps for machining, automatic equipment for the delicate handling of parts, assemblies, and packaging.

We manage the entire life cycle of moulds and equipment through our in-house designed and developed management system and thanks to all the on-line systems.

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