Surface and galvanic treatments

Shot-blasting is a mechanical surface treatment that propels a metallic granulated abrasive: the effect of abrasion by impact and rubbing determines the modification of the pre-existing surface layer, that is, it cleans and revives the treated surface leaving it uniform.

Tumbling is a surface finishing machining operation typically used for mechanically removing substrate residues, particularly burr.
It is particularly suitable for giving a surface finish to a large number of small parts.

Chrome plating is a coating with a thin layer of chromium, applied electrolytically to metal objects to improve their appearance, to protect them against corrosion, and to increase their surface hardness.

Nickel plating is the coating (by plating, electrolytic process or chemical reduction) of metal surfaces with a thin layer of nickel to protect against corrosion by atmospheric agents and to give the material the appearance and shine of nickel.

Electrolytic galvanising, carried out by immersing objects, mostly small and of complex shape, into acidic baths of zinc sulphate or basic baths of zinc cyanide and sodium

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